Men can be victims of sexual attack regardless of their sexual orientation, while the attacker is more often male, men can be and are sexually assaulted by women 

Are you worried that someone might find out you have visited this site? We hope that is not the case, but we understand that some users may have concerns. 

If so, we want you to be able to use this site as safely as possible, covering your tracks, if necessary. If you are not alone when viewing this site e.g. at work or sharing the house with someone, the quickest way to hide the site is to close the window when someone enters the room. 
There is a shortcut on your keyboard to enable you to do this quickly: 
Windows – ALT key and F4 
Apple Macintosh – Apple Key and W 

After visiting this site 

Although it is not completely possible to eradicate your ‘footsteps’ whilst viewing web sites, there are ways in which you can reduce the possibility of people knowing where you have been on the Internet. The following steps will take you through the process of deleting temporary files automatically stored on your computer when you visit a site and the computer’s history store, that allows you to view where someone has been that day or week. 
Even if this works, the fact you have done this may be noticed by whoever normally uses your computer. So if you are worried this may not be 100 per cent effective, the safest way to find information on the internet, might be at a local library, a friend's house, or at work if you feel it is less important to ‘cover your tracks’ on a different computer. 
Click here for instructions for Microsoft Internet Explorer 
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Click here for instructions for Mozilla Firefox 
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