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Mindful Group 

A chance to focus on yourself, increase your self-awareness and to experience understanding and acceptance within the present moment. 

What is Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a simple concept. It involves focusing in a particular way in the present moment to ourselves, increasing self-awareness and giving understanding and acceptance within the present moment. 
It is designed to help people manage stress levels in daily life and also to support people with various physical and mental health issues. 
This is not a training course, we are all beginners! We will share as a group our learning experience together. We will become aware of our thoughts, reactions, physical and emotional feelings towards certain situations. Our understanding will then guide us to change patterns of behaviour and develop the ability to look at life in the moment, even in stressful situations. 
In the group you will 
Experience what mindfulness is 
Explore a new way of looking after yourself 
Have support with CDs to help with daily practice in everyday life 
You will need 
An open mind and a willingness to participate in practice 
Loose, comfortable clothing, some people prefer to wear trousers. 
A yoga mat or something like a sleeping bag or blanket to lie on, a pillow or cushion and blanket 
As well as being relaxing, mindfulness can sometimes raise issues for people. It would be useful to have the back up of someone to talk to e.g. a close friend or relative outside of the day, in case issues arise for you. 
For more information call 01604 250721 
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