Men can be victims of sexual attack regardless of their sexual orientation, while the attacker is more often male, men can be and are sexually assaulted by women 

Enlightenment Group 

Inspiring women to feel empowered and to live a life free from sexual violence. 

What is Enlightenment 

An eight week program developed for women who have experienced sexual violence. 
The course aims to: 
be accepting of all women and be non-judgemental. 
a secure safe relaxed and friendly environment. 
encourage and enable women to make the choices in life that they want and that they deserve. 
help build self-esteem, improve self-worth, and confidence. 
identify healthy relationships, and promote assertiveness. 
Each week the group will work to explore the reality and impact of sexual violence. Together we will cover areas that include: 
Identifying and understanding the characteristics relating to sexual violence. 
Recognising the cycle and patterns of abuse. 
Identifying isolation and understanding the extent of sexual violence. 
Exploring the feelings experienced such as anger, shame, guilt and fear, and understanding these emotions. 
Growth and aspirations. 
Moving forward from sexual violence is possible, this unique program can help you heal from the trauma of sexual violence and empower you to become the woman you want to be. 
For more information call 01604 250721 
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