Men can be victims of sexual attack regardless of their sexual orientation, while the attacker is more often male, men can be and are sexually assaulted by women 

Helping you 
You can ring Northamptonshire Rape Crisis (NRC) if something is happening in your life now, or if you are having difficulties about something that has happened in the past. 

NRC provides: 
Free face to face counselling, which can be short or long term 
ISVA / Advocacy for clients who need to engage with the Police, GP,  
Sexual Health Clinics, Family Planning and Courts Services, the Mental Health Service and Women’s refuges. 
Outreach support for clients who are unable to attend our Northampton centre; NRICC’s outreach posts are in Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Daventry, East Northants and South Northants. 
Support can be offered in GP surgeries or Mental Health settings in and  
around the county. 
If you are not sure whether you want to report to the police or not yet, you can go along to Northamptonshire’s SARC (Serenity) It's good to take a friend or trusted person with you if you can. 
At the SARC, you can have a forensic medical examination, The SARC will not pressure you into reporting to the police and they can store the results of the forensic examination (or evidence) until you make up your mind whether to report to the police or not. SARCs have specially trained experienced professionals who can give you medical help and advice. They can also help and support you through the immediate trauma. 
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