It is possible to recover and heal 
from the trauma of abuse and 
this group will help you to achieve 
closure, and help you begin to 
become who you want to be. 

What NRC can offer 

Assessment with a qualified counsellor to identify the most appropriate support. 
Face to face counselling or support for female and male survivors which takes place in a women only space and a male only space. 
Face to face counselling or support for partners and carers of survivors. 
Peer Groups - young women’s group 14yrs–19yrs and women’s group 
Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) are available to support female and male victims of sexual violence from age 14. 
We can provide information and emotional and practical support with the reporting of rape or abuse, attend medical appointments and support throughout the criminal justice system. 
An Interpreter can be arranged for counselling and ISVA support sessions if required. 
Signposting service providing information on other appropriate services. 
NRC can provide training courses in the specialist area of rape and sexual abuse for both the voluntary and statutory sectors, which is tailored to the needs of the organisation. 
Partnership working with other professionals, groups and agencies to raise awareness and challenge issues around rape and sexual abuse and their effects on individuals and society. 
Counselling is available between 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday and 6pm - 9pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
We offer out-reach counselling / support in Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, East Northants, Daventry and South Northants 

Values from which we work 

To believe what survivors tell us 
To be non-judgemental 
To recognise survival strategies 
To enable survivors to retain control 
To recognise it is an individual’s decision whether to report to the police 
To empower and enable survivors 
To validate feelings whatever they are 
To dispel the myths 
To treat all survivors as individuals 
To provide a service that is anti-oppressive 
We work to promote and protect children’s rights under the  
United Nations Convention 
We hope that you have experienced good service from us 
We try at all times to ensure the service we give to victims and survivors is of the highest quality and to do this we have developed a clear and easy to use Complaints Policy. 
If you are unhappy about any aspect of the service we have delivered, please do not hesitate to contact the Operations Manager to discuss this. 
If you would like to make a formal complaint to NRC please contact us on the office telephone 01604 250 721 or by email at for a copy of our Complaints Policy & Procedure which will give details of how to proceed 
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