It takes strength and commitment to make a conscious decision to work through confused feelings that rape  
may have left you with, but we at  
NRC will try and help you through  
the effects of rape. 

Sexual violence and abuse disproportionately disrupts women's lives. NRC's primary focus is supporting women and girls cope, recover and thrive; this can be achieved through counselling, emotional support, group work and ISVA (independent sexual violence advisor). NRC is a local charity run by women for women and girls offering a female only safe space.NRC also offers support to men and boys who have experienced sexual violence, whether recently or in the past. We have been operating since 1986. 

We are a rape crisis centre offering a professional service that women want and use.  
We are a rape crisis centre that provides a safe women only space for women and girls. We are also a rape crisis centre that is able to provide support to men and boys. 
NRC are Organisational Members of BACP. As an Organisational Member of BACP we are bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Find out more... 
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Rape & childhood sexual abuse ruins lives & we are there to help people put their lives back together and your donation will support NRC in our work. Thank you for your support. 
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We are considering a number of ways to expand our services to survivors of sexual violence across Northamptonshire. We would love your views so please click the link and take our 5-minute survey. All responses are anonymous and your support is much appreciated. 
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